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Michael W. Hale

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I’d like to work in an environment where I can provide visionary idea generation with implementation.  My abilities include:  Planning, directing, and coordinating activities for my team to ensure that goals and objectives are achieved within prescribed time frames and funding parameters.  I will perform and delegate duties with my staff and other supervisors.  By planning and overseeing all aspects of our operation, we will obtain an excellent bottomline.   We will be responsible for recruitment hiring, supervising, training, evaluating, and developing key personnel. I will develop and implement operating procedures designed to eliminate problems and improve quality of client service.  All this obtained with my leadership and teamwork.


Car In Hawaii llc    5/2013 – 2020
Business Managing Partner/ owner
I Trained several managers in this highly regulated industry. I negotiated retail, business and lease contracts. Built systems for loss mitigation including security systems, insurance ,police reports, Gps and lawsuits. I created and maintained marketing systems including press, social media, advertising, websites and intake call training.,

Candidate for State Senate district 2   2011
Republican Party Nominee (strategic alignment)
Wrote and performed campaign speeches and participated successfully in several debates. Business, environment, education was my main platform. promoted my way to just under 25% of the general election against a long term democrat incumbent. I consider it a big success because with my team we made this accomplishment with only about 1/40 of incumbents budget.

Aloha Business Consulting.    1/2010 – 2013
Business Consultant
This Company (WWW.BIGISLANDFIX.COM) was focused on building and improving businesses .  I assisted business owners with writing a business plan, marketing plan , feasibility study, and financials. I assisted with implementing their plans. I built websites and consulted with merchants on how to best penetrate the market and/or expand their market. 

Surf In Style Inc.    6/2006 – 3/2010
Surf In Style Inc. was focused on buying, building and improving businesses.   The marketing plan was in its early stages of development and implementation.  Projects : ,, Mail and Ship etc., Surf In Style Computers.

Beach Dog Computer Center      Nov 2002 – 2007
Beach Dog Internet Café     July 2004 –2007
Beach Dog Internet Outlets
After acquiring this business my partner and I optimized services, created new business partnerships and marketed the business. We improved the quality of our customers’ experience and expanded the company’s share of the market. The value of the business has increased tenfold since we bought it.  In addition, we expanded the business to 11 locations multi-island wide with more planned.  We were awarded “Best Internet Café” from Hilo Tribune Herald for the years 2005, 2006, and 2007.   We successfully sold the business in 2007 (archived site)

Sky net Broadcasting      Nov 2005-Jun 2006
Local Manager of East Hawaii / Marketing Consultant
I introduced this company to my business contacts in East Hawaii.  Within three months we increased sales over all by ten percent and thirty percent in East Hawaii.  Ninety percent of the contracts I wrote were annual contracts.  I also increased their web presence with additional websites.

Planet Granite       Jun 2006 – Oct 2006
I performed inside sales and office management. I used Excel and QuickBook accounting integration and set up,  computer networking and other IT.  I Built forms and estimators, Set up all Quick Books for the business inventory and sales, forms, and processes.  I networked the office and put the accountant in real time with the point of sale.      Aug 2005 – Jul 2008
I bought into this floundering business and within two months revitalized it to its current state.  Built forms, created a sales process, built teams to facilitate the business to become non-owner operated.   I also did ad design and website design work.

Prudential Financial     Sept 2001 – April 2004
Financial Planner
I worked with individuals and small businesses to develop and implement financial plans.  I coordinated and facilitated seminars educating prospects in various aspects of financial planning.  I effectively used technology to learn, present and solve financial needs. I applied for and obtained grant money to assist in increasing company recognition in passive markets.  I was the number one new agent in the pacific agency, which is unprecedented in the first year of business.  Awarded “Best Financial Planner” from Hilo Tribune Herald.     Sept 1994 – 2003
As the Founder, I wrote the business and marketing plan as well as built this business to a self-sustaining operation. I designed programs for many aspects of the business including estimating, negotiating contracts, corporate sales and marketing, monitoring customer service, buying, accounting and hiring and supervising all areas of customer relations. I have hired and trained over sixty laborers and twenty project/sales managers for this company. In niche markets, I increased market share to sixty percent through marketing campaigns and successful acquisitions. I consistently increased sales by thirty percent per year.  (archived site)

Team Network      1996 – 1998
I facilitated weekly meetings and all events, arranged committees, and presented promotional speeches.

Electrolux       1993 – 1994
Assistant Branch Manager
I hired, trained and supervised over thirty new representatives. I headed sales teams, arranged financing and orchestrated telemarketing campaigns. I received awards for the Most Successful Representative and Managerial Excellence.

ERA Carlson       1991 – 1993
I marketed for sellers and buyers of residential and income properties. I arranged finance, title companies and negotiated for both buyers and sellers. I designed and implemented a marketing plan for a new builder. I also began an interstate marketing campaign for income properties. I received numerous awards for Most Productive Agent.

Masters in Business equivalency as tested and attended at Prudential  (non-accredited).  I attended formal education at San Jose State University, Hawaii Community College and Evergreen Valley College. I have attended multiple seminars including marketing, sales techniques, Power Reading, Destiny Empowerment, and motivational subjects. I completed comprehensive agent education courses with a strong foundation in real estate, insurance, and financial security product knowledge and skills. I was a licensed Realtor in the state of Utah.  I was Life and Health licensed in the state of Hawaii. I held four Securities licenses: Series 6 (Mutual Fund Adviser), 6.3(state specific), 6.5 (Financial Planner) and 7.0 (Stock and Options Broker).  I have a strong knowledge of the Spanish language.

Business: Financial planning, business planning, contract negotiation.

Group: public speaking, sales training, team building ,teaching classes and team motivation to name a few.

Computer: data recovery, computer repair, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quark Press, Microsoft Front Page, Network Stumbler, routers, wireless networking, general networking,


Big Island School      2010-2012
Director of Operations and Lieutenant volunteer
Gathering curriculum and fund raising,
Pahoa Main Street Association Board     2006-2013
President, Vice President and Board and various committee chairs  volunteer, I co-moderated the mayorial debate
Old Town Merchants of Pahoa      2007-2009
Board MemberLiaison between the two groups volunteer

Public Schools         1997 – 2006
VolunteerI taught Spanish and Physical Ed classes, offered cleaning services and tutored children for the schools

Kiwanis of East Hawaii      2001 – 2004
Project Sponsor and VolunteerThey are committed to community involvement for children and the elderly.  I wrote and received a grant for the organization.

AYSO Soccer        2000 – 2003
Soccer CoachI directed, educated and motivated youth soccer players.

Hilo Exchange Club       2001 – 2002
They are committed to providing assistance for abused women and children.
Neighborhood Watch       2000 – 2008
San Jose City Adopt-A-Park       1997 – 1998
Park CoordinatorI recruited volunteers; coordinated and facilitated park clean up parties. I received letter of commendation from the mayor. Volumteer

Boy Scouts of America                 1982-1991Eagle Scout &  ScoutMaster

SM, ASM, QM, PL APL, Leadership Training Staff, 100 miler, Order of the Arrow and other acheivements